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This page is and will be dedicated to BYSL members who, by their actions, both on and off the pitch, are examples of "being all you can be".  Please forward information on others who you are proud to know for the people they are!
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Jonathan "Wheels" Lake is quite the character and at aged 26 has considerable mileage on those tires. That's because Jonathan suffers from cerebral palsy and spends his days "wheeling and dealing" in that wheelchair of his, something he affectionately calls his trusty chariot. Make no mistake, he's a warrior alright and has been fighting  his whole life to be treated on a par with the rest of us, although with his superior I.Q. and razor sharp wit, it's the rest of us that are fighting to keep up with him.

Last year (2009), Jonathan graduated from the University of Central Florida, with a degree in History and a minor in Cinema Studies and this year will be embarking upon his Masters in History. Following-on from this he has designs on completing his PhD in Pre-Reformation English History at Trinity College in Ireland. He's a veritable encyclopedia when it comes to historical fact and anyone privy to his entertaining pontifications would have thought he fashioned the very Magna Carta himself?

 He is without question a joy to be around and his self-deprecating humor would make even the comedian Richard Lewis join the Good Samaritans. He puts life into perspective and we're all in awe and wonder at his effervescence.

Well, what's so remarkable about Jonathan Lake? Well, for starters he coaches the Titusville Pride Under 10 recreational team and in the last twelve months since joining Titusville Soccer Club he has obtained his FYSA -F- Coaching Certificate, E Coaching License and the U10-12 Youth Module. On top of that he has successfully passed the NSCAA State, Regional and National Goalkeeping Diplomas Levels I, II and III. His goal is to continue on to his D License and after that whatever coaching opportunities are on the horizon.

Jonathan challenges us to be the best that we can be and doesn't suffer fools gladly. He has no time for self-pity, rather, as the club's Publicity Director, he constantly shows that life's glass is full, not half-empty and he's taking a fulsome draft. What a character, what a wit, what a pleasure to call him friend and what an asset to Titusville Soccer Club.

Group photograph of the FYSA -E- License Coaching Course held at the Chain of Lakes and hosted by the Titusville Soccer Club on February 12-14, 2010. Jonathan Lake is in the front row, extreme right. 

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